About Us

Corporate Link is a division of Language Link Vietnam, a UK-based, international language company with over 40 years experience.
Corporate Link provides specialized English and business soft skills training programs throughout Vietnam. We focus on business clients, companies & organizations, universities and colleges.

Backed by Language Link's 20 years of experience in Vietnam, Corporate Link has a network of experienced international and local teachers that we carefully hire and employ for our clients. We have developed unique programs geared to select audiences, from college-level first-time English students up through business executives looking to advance their career through personal and professional growth.

How is Corporate Link different?
At Corporate Link, we understand that learning is complex and unique to all learners. So we actively build our understanding and expertise in best practices, theories and methodologies so that we can create customized materials that truly identify client’s needs. It is the through this process that we provide real-world, current training solutions.

• We combine our English and Soft Skills training expertise to bring a "higher return on investment".
• All our training programs are managed by certified corporate trainers.
• We offer customized training materials to meet your specific needs.
• We have a successful track-record of helping individuals, teams and companies reach their goals.
• The Corporate Link program managers are international, certified experts in their fields of expertise.
• Our training teams are committed to building long-term and consistent training partnerships.

Together We Succeed!