About us

Corporate Link is a division of Language Link Vietnam. We have been successfully designing and delivering high-quality professional training for over 10 years in Vietnam. We offer comprehensive training solutions for business of all sizes and a full range of industries.
At Corporate Link, we have access to a wide network of skilled practitioners and our trainers represent the full spectrum of English speaking nationalities. All of them are currently living in Vietnam and understand the training issues of Vietnamese professionals.
Balancing Professional Skills and Business English Communication training formed an integral part of our mission in Vietnam since 1996.

Our Mission
Together We Succeed!

Why Us?
At Corporate Link, we understand that learning is complex and requires us to actively build our knowledge of theories and customized materials, identify client’s needs, culture and goals. It is the through this process that we provide practical training solutions.

How are we different?
We combine our English and Soft Skills training to ensure our clients obtain a greater return on their investment
We take a project management approach to set measurable goals with our clients. All training projects are managed by a certified corporate trainer or partner of Corporate Link.
We use best practice training tools and methodologies proven to influence behavior.
We offer 100% customized training materials to meet your specific needs. This includes course content and useful classroom activities that simulate real business situations.
We have a track-record of helping individuals, teams and companies reach their goals. This helps us to ensure that our training programs are up to standard with western business practices/
The Corporate Link team are experts in various fields. They have lived overseas with practical and global business experience to help teams apply the new the knowledge. Our training team are committed to building a long-term and consistent training partnership.